Born in Seattle to a Japanese/Caucasian mixed marriage, I found myself nurtured with an all-American pride as well as a rich heritage from my Hawaiian side family members.
From the time I was a young child, I was addicted to action filled stories. As time went on, I found myself enamored with comic books, arcades, and Nintendo. They inspired my imagination, giving me a glimpse into the future.

From there, I fell in love with Heinlein, Orwell, Lovecraft and other visionary science fiction minds. They showed me an even broader world, where I soon found my passion for science.

My imagination began to boil over. I discovered writing as an outlet, finally starting down a long path of pouring myself into storytelling. Novel writing was the opportunity I had long dreamed of, enabling me to explore my creativity.

Now, partnering with my daughter, we are finally ready to bring our stories to light, starting with Sting of the Rose.